Tetragon Capital is

Tetragon is a holding company with a strategically balanced portfolio of dynamic companies focused on high margin and high growth industries. Tetragon indentifies these types of businesses, removes inefficiencies, and effectively grows their revenue generating opportunities and market share. Tetragon takes a unique and targeted approach to business development, company acquisition, and operation management in order to quickly increase profitability and equity value.

Why Tetragon Capital?


We open doors to a vast network of experienced domestic and international investors.


We offer veteran assistance to help achieve your business goals through innovative processes.


Through our holdings, investments, and partners we help companies evolve in today's world.


PracTECHal Solutions uses proprietary edge computing nodes, powered by the PracTECHal OS to bring the performance and security of a large data center directly to the edge. We use patented bonded network paths and data packet fragmentation to create powerful and scalable networks.

Tiered Communication Services, Inc. is a full-service technology consultancy firm specializing in the design, management, procurement, and installation of technology solutions for complex construction projects, municipalities, and world class developments.

As an affordable managed IT solutions company, we offer Tier 1-4 multi-lingual call and support center solutions. Data management, end-user support, and engineer access.

Natibox is helping develop channels to the smart car and smart city pairing our technology with top auto manufacturers. Natibox powers IoT, Hybrid Cloud, and Networking Platforms, enabling efficiency layers at each end point. Everything works together and as one in one platform through powerful APIs.

Introducing Economy Social:

Internet, Wireless, and Television Free To Everyone.  Covid19 has changed how the World's economies work. We're here to include everyone.

Welcome to the New Economy.

Tetragon Capital is focussed on the new economy through our social investments, and we are bringing connectivity to everyone in phase one.



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